The First Sewage Pump Switch That Will Outlast the Pump™

The LevelGuard unit in this video feed will outlast the pump!LevelGuard Sewage Pump Switch introduces solid-state fluid level detection to eliminate pump switch failure in sump and sewage pits, lift stations, underground vaults and wet wells. Engineers and Plumbing Pros can reliably maintain wastewater and effluent levels through the years with LevelGuard. No moving parts to wear or fail – buy the LevelGuard Sewage Pump Switch to reduce callbacks!

  • Five year warranty – significantly extends pump life
  • Compatible with most manual sewage pumps (click for list)
  • Easy 5 minute installation
  • Two upper level sensors for reliable operation
  • A 'smart' sump calibration routine when unit first powers up
  • Outperforms mechanical float switches 7 to 1

How many sump pumps does it take to outlast a LevelGuard sump pump switch? We'll let you know when we find out. You can watch the "live feed" of the LevelGuard unit above by clicking on the image.

In applications where effluent or sewage needs to be pumped from one location to another, LevelGuard replaces the traditional mechanical float switches used to actuate the pump. LevelGuard Sewage Pump Switches offer solid-state switch reliability for commercial and industrial pumps through which solids of up to 2 inches in diameter are pumped. Effluents and suspended solids can contaminate and disable mechanical pump switches. Save money on your MRO (Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul) purchases!

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LevelGuard sewage pump switches will outlast the pump!

LevelGuard (SKU# Z24803PTZ) mounted
to the discharge pipe of a sump pump.

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