LevelGuard® (RV & Marine Applications) SensaLevel Ultra™ Tank Sensor

SensaLevel Ultra Tank Sensor provides accurate, early detection and warning about critical levels in water or wastewater holding tanks.* Download LevelGuard SensaLevel Ultra Tank Sensor specificationsIncorporating patented Field-Effect sensing technology, owners benefit from solid-state reliability and simplicity.

  • Kit includes control panel, one (1) sensor, and fuse holder
  • One (1) Year Standard Warranty (Manufacturer's Defects)
  • No moving parts to wear, hang-up, and fail
  • No exposure to corrosive liquid (External tank mounting)
  • No internal tank probes to maintain
  • No humidity or vibration effects on performance
  • And easy installation!

* Not for use with metal holding tanks or in fuel / oil applications.

Name SKU Price
SensaLevel Ultra HW Alarm Kit SLEV-ULTRA $60.00
SensaLevel Ultra Sensor SLEV-3WSEN $35.00

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