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LevelGuard Frequently Asked Questions

How does a LevelGuard switch work?

LevelGuard switches use patented sensors that create an invisible electric field capable of detecting the presence of water or other conductive fluids without any moving parts. When the fluid reaches the “Switch Point”, the LevelGuard turns on the pump for accurate, dependable and reliable pump activation.

In what kind of products can I find LevelGuard technology?

LevelGuard technology is used in home appliances, recreational vehicles, industrial batteries, marine applications, portable appliances, and plumbing applications (sump pumps, toilets, etc).

What kind and how often do I need to perform maintenance on a LevelGuard switch?

Periodically clean/inspect the sensor surface. It is as simple as wiping off the buildup that may accumulate over time. We recommend doing this yearly or as needed.

How long can I expect LevelGuard to last?

Since there are no moving parts, LevelGuard switches will last for years and years of use. LevelGuard switches have been tested to over 7 million cycles without failure. It will outlast traditional mechanical switches at least 10:1.

Where can I purchase LevelGuard products?

In addition to being used by multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) like Whirlpool, Winnebago, Saeco, and Zoeller, LevelGuard products are available directly through  AmazonGraingerSump Pumps Direct, as well as through some wholesale plumbing locations.

Where can I view a LevelGuard pump switch in action?

Visit our live stream demo here